🧛 OpenAI’s Thirst for Data

Plus A Step Towards Replacing Smartphones

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AI tools like ChatGPT can hold untapped benefits for those willing to explore their potential. But there's a common pitfall users face: treating ChatGPT like it's another human - letting it do the thinking, instead of harnessing its capabilities as a tool.

Think of it this way - you wouldn't hand your paintbrush the power to create your masterpiece, the artistry is in your hands. And so it is with ChatGPT. This tool doesn't generate novel ideas or strategies – that brilliance comes from you. ChatGPT is there to help you structure your thoughts, create efficient outlines, and serve as an ideal sparring partner for brainstorming - all while you steer the ship.

Struggling to grasp the reality of it? Our founder Gianluca has shared a TikTok video demonstrating how he efficiently used ChatGPT to write an entire business plan in one day.

This Saturday, invest three hours of your time and learn how to manipulate ChatGPT to work for you, a sparring partner to explore new ideas while you retain the schemes of control. ChatGPT can be exactly that if you let it. It's your tool.

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News Bytes 🗞️

  • OpenAI and Microsoft's collaboration is thriving, says Altman, with hopes of continued investment. Despite high training costs overshadowing revenue growth, OpenAI perseveres towards its ultimate goal of AGI¹, using tools like GPTs and actively working on GPT-5.

  • To build GPT5 they are in need of obtaining more data, which is why OpenAI is launching Data Partnerships to create broad and diverse training datasets for their AI models. They are seeking partners to contribute large-scale datasets that reflect human society and express human intention.

  • Training increasingly sophisticated AI models calls for highly potent chips. Answering this need, NVIDIA is releasing a new graphics chip, the H200, built to make AI and language models work even faster. The new GPU² will turbocharge the evolution and application of expansive language models, boosting the abilities of AI assistants.

  • Google has announced an expansion of its partnership with Anthropic. Anthropic will now use Google's special cloud security tools, and they'll also use Google's newest and most powerful chips, called Cloud TPU³ v5e, for their AI projects. This is a big deal for Google because working with important clients like Anthropic helps show that their chips are really good and trustworthy.

  • Google DeepMind is using machine learning models to improve weather forecasting, offering accurate predictions from immediate forecasts to century-level predictions. The models rely on data rather than a solid understanding of meteorology, and while they are not meant to replace traditional methods, they provide valuable insights for daily life decisions as well as long-term climate change studies.

  • Humane has officially unveiled the Ai Pin, a small device that collects data via an onboard camera and is powered by AI. The device, which is designed to be used without a smartphone, features a touchpad, wireless network, and Laser Ink Display for projecting text onto the palm. With this innovation, Humane aims to pioneer the shift in how we interact with technology, indicating a future where smartphones could be replaced by such smart wearable devices.

  • Samsung has announced its generative AI model called Samsung Gauss, which consists of Language, Code, and Image models. It aims to enhance work efficiency, consumer experience, and image editing capabilities. As a global electronics leader, Samsung Gauss might open up the potential for integrating such AI technology across a variety of devices.

  • Scale, a leading test and evaluation partner for AI companies, has launched its "Safety, Evaluations, and Analysis Lab" (SEAL) to enhance transparency and standardization in deploying Large Language Models (LLMs) addressing the safety issues outlined in the Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

  • Warner Music is using AI technology to create a biopic about the late singer Edith Piaf, training the AI on voice clips and images to revive her. Following on our previous edition's feature of the Beatles' AI-produced music video, this demonstrates how industry players are navigating uncharted waters, employing AI to weave new narratives around late artists.

Educational Pill 💊

OpenAI is launching what they call 'Data Partnerships', where they aim to collaborate with various entities to gather broad and diverse datasets for training their AI models. You might wonder, what does that mean and why is it so important?

Data partnerships are collaborations between different organizations to share data. It's like giving students different books to study - the more diverse the material, the more they learn. In the case of AI, such collaborations offer varied and significant datasets for training AI models.

OpenAI is currently establishing data partnerships to amass wide-ranging datasets mirroring human society and intentions, focusing primarily on language and proprietary AI models.

This move signifies a commitment to collective progress in AI, using shared learning and extensive resources to develop more effective and intelligent AI models.

This week’s glossary 📖

  1. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence): AGI refers to highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work. It includes the ability to understand, learn, and apply knowledge to a wide range of tasks.

  2. GPU: A Graphics Processing Unit, is a specialized computer chip designed to rapidly process and render images and videos for display on a screen.

  3. Cloud TPU: TPU stands for Tensor Processing Unit, a specialized hardware accelerator developed by Google for AI workloads. Cloud TPUs are TPUs provided on the Google Cloud platform, enabling users to access high-performance computing resources for AI tasks.

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