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Hello AI Enthusiast,

Big news! Our AI Academy newsletter is leveling up.

Here are our exciting new features:

  • A “Next Events” section, with both open events and our new paid programs.

  • A “News Bytes” list of all the happenings that matter in AI.

  • A “Glossary” section to help everyone understand everything of every edition.

  • An “Educational Pill”, so you can learn something new every week.

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As said, along with the latest updates on AI Academy’s programs and initiatives, we're curating a handpicked selection of global AI news. No fluff, just the pivotal insights that truly matter. It's our mission to help you grasp how AI is revolutionizing our world.

And what's an innovation without a lineup of events that promise to transform your understanding into action? Here's what's on the horizon in our next events schedule:

  1. Analyzing the new OpenAI Products - What is the future of AI? (Open Webinar, Friday 10th, 5pm CET).
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  2. Building a Gen-AI prototype in 1 hour without code (Open Webinar, November 21st at 6pm CET)
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  3. AI Productivity Workshop (99€ fee, November 18th, 3.30 pm CET)
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  4. Get early access to our 4th edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering and design an AI product. 
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Now, are you ready to dig into what happened in the last few days? Let’s find out!

News Bytes

  • During the first-ever OpenAI DevDay Sam Altman has made some groundbreaking announcements that are reshaping, once again, the landscape of AI. First of all, a new iteration of the renowned GPT-4 has been introduced, named GPT-4 Turbo, It can read and understand up to 128,000 tokens¹ (quadrupled compared to ChatGPT4), roughly 300 pages of text. And, if you’re a developer, it’s 2-3x cheaper than GPT-4. Plus it’s trained on data up until April 20223, compared to September 2021. This all means you can provide much more context to the chat and it’s also able to talk about fairly recent events prior to April of this year.

  • OpenAI also introduced GPTs, custom chatbots that can be crafted simply by prompting and fed with your data and external documents. Later they could be sold in a specific store. Plus developers will be able to use the Assistant API² to build more sophisticated chatbots for their websites. Well, here they just made one of the most requested features a reality.

  • The OpenAI API now boasts multimodal capabilities, integrating features such as the image-creating DallE-3, image input for GPT-4 Turbo, high-quality text-to-speech in various voices, and the upcoming open-source Whisper V3 for speech recognition. This means everything is in one place, no need for developers to use different applications. There are several other new features but we believe these are the most relevant.

Since OpenAI’s announcements are complex and important, we’re hosting an open webinar on Friday, join here.

  • Elon Musk's company xAI has developed an AI model called Grok, The model has “real-time access” to info via the X platform, and is designed to answer questions with humor and tackle "spicy" and rejected queries however the safety guidelines remain unclear. Initial access to the chatbot is being offered only to selected X subscribers. Elon Musk split from OpenAI in 2018, then launched xAI to create AI with a different approach (he doesn’t like OpenAI’s). We’ll have to wait and see.

  • The Beatles have utilized AI to create a music video for the song "Now and Then," leveraging technology to merge archival and new footage and clean up John Lennon's vocals from an old demo. This application of AI, which has stirred mixed emotions, highlights the increasing presence of AI in music. Is this trend enhancing or replacing artistic creation?

  • Microsoft's teaming up with Inworld AI to give Xbox devs new tools to make game characters that are smarter and more interactive. For game makers, this is huge because it means they can build more lifelike worlds without sweating over every single line of code or dialogue.

  • Zapier introduces new AI Actions that enable AI platforms to automate tasks across 5,000+ apps without custom code, saving time and streamlining workflow integration. This makes powerful AI tools like ChatGPT more accessible and useful for practical applications.

  • Stability AI, the creators of Stable Diffusion, have unveiled Stable 3D, an app that spits out 3D models quickly and easily. With this app, folks who aren't pro designers can knock out draft-quality 3D models in no time and for peanuts, making it a game-changer for indie creators who can now churn out loads of 3D content without breaking the bank.

  • The negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers aimed at resolving the ongoing labor strike in Hollywood continues. Unfortunately, the contract discussions have hit yet another obstacle as the studios are insisting on perpetual ownership of performers' digitally scanned likenesses, causing the talks to stall once more.

Educational Pill

In this week's news, we talked about the “context length” of the new GPT4 Turbo. This means we’ll be able to put more text into it.

Our founder Gianluca has expressed his concerns on LinkedIn. Reply to this email if you have experience with long ChatGPT contexts!

This week’s glossary:

Tokens: AI models like ChatGPT need to split text into blocks to understand it. These “blocks” represent individual concepts and are called tokens. Here’s an example of how a simple sentence is split into tokens:

API: An API, like OpenAI's, is a toolset that developers use to interact with a technology. It's like a set of commands or requests that lets one program tap into the features or data of another, enabling different technologies to work together smoothly.

That is the end of our new format newsletter.

Remember, if your company is looking to implement AI technologies, we also offer customized corporate training.

We'd love to know what you think of our new format! Are we hitting the mark with our AI news and learning snippets?

We'd love to know what you think of this edition!

Are we hitting the mark with our AI news and learning snippets?

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