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🤝 Meta and IBM Forge a Powerful Alliance

Plus, China’s unique approach to AI copyright

Hello AI Enthusiast, 🤝

Last week, we chatted about how companies are racing to catch up with the big fish, OpenAI. Guess what? This week's no different!

We see more tech companies like Meta and IBM stepping up their game, while others, like Amazon, are navigating some choppy waters.

Everyone's trying to score the next big goal in AI. And we're here to give you the front-row seats to all this action. From voice recreation to new language translation tools, it's all happening right now.

In the midst of all this, we keep getting questions from folks asking how to start a career in AI without a tech background. Gianluca Mauro has a tip for you, actually three.

The main point is you’ve got to learn the basics, get your hands dirty making experiments, and then show your work. Yes, that is it. And that’s why we created the Master in Prompt Engineering.

And here's the best part: As the AI world evolves, so does our course. We'll keep adding new lessons to stay in step with the latest in generative AI, ensuring you have access to updated content even after completing the program.

After three sold-out editions, there are only a few seats available for our fourth edition starting next month. Don't miss your chance.

And now, let's dive into this week's News Bytes.

News Bytes 🗞️

  • The Beijing Internet Court has recognized an AI-generated image as artwork worthy of copyright protection, marking a first in mainland China and setting a precedent that could shape future AI copyright disputes. This step deviates significantly from the Western standpoint, where currently AI-generated art does not receive such copyright protections.

  • To compete with OpenAI's dominance in the generative AI market, Meta and IBM have initiated an AI Alliance with over 50 companies and institutions, advocating for an open AI model. This collaborative move symbolizes their strategic attempt to better position themselves within the booming AI industry.

  • Perplexity has launched two new AI models - pplx-7b-online and pplx-70b-online - designed to provide accurate and current responses by accessing online information. This not only addresses typical offline model limitations but also simplifies real-time search integration for developers, potentially revolutionizing consumer-oriented applications like ChatGPT.

  • As companies keep exploring alternatives to OpenAI, Together, a company focusing on open-source generative AI, has raised $102.5 million in Series A funding. Businesses are increasingly valuing AI systems that don't bind them to a single vendor.

  • However, one of OpenAI’s alternatives, Amazon's AI chatbot Amazon Q, is facing issues such as hallucinations and leaking confidential data, according to internal documents. Despite being promoted as a more secure and privacy-focused alternative, Q has allegedly provided misleading answers and caused concerns among employees.

  • Meanwhile, OpenAI has announced that the launch of its GPT store will be delayed until next year due to a series of unexpected events that happened in the last weeks. However, they are still working on improving ChatGPT and making updates to the custom GPT platform.

  • OpenAI gave more time to its workers to sell their shares. The company's worth is now a whopping $86 billion, proving that people are still really interested in what the company is doing.

  • OpenAI is also about to spend $51 million on special AI chips from a company called Rain, which was once backed by Sam Altman. While this could help make AI even more efficient, concerns around potential favoritism and whether the chips will really work rise.

  • Nvidia has pledged to prioritize supplying artificial intelligence processors to Japan to meet the country's efforts to catch up in AI technology. This highlights the increasing global trend of self-reliance in AI tech sectors, hinting at possible geopolitical shifts in tech dominance and supply chains.

  • Calm has introduced "It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story", utilizing AI to mimic the late Jimmy Stewart’s voice, approved by his estate. This project is an addition to the growing trend of AI-resurrected works, showcasing AI's capability in voice recreation but sparking ethical concerns about digital posthumous resurrections.

  • Meta has released a new suite of language translation models called Seamless, which includes a model called SeamlessExpressive that preserves speech rhythm, emotion, and style. Another model called SeamlessStreaming allows for real-time translation while the speaker is still talking. These models could potentially eliminate language barriers and enhance communication globally.

  • Despite the push for autonomous trucking, California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed legislation requiring human operators on heavy trucks, citing concerns about stifling innovation. Labor groups continue to oppose fully autonomous trucking, emphasizing safety and job security for truckers.

Educational Pill 💊

Open-Source AI

As we see companies like Together making significant strides in open-source generative AI, it's essential to understand what open-source AI really means. It's a concept where AI tools and software are developed in a collaborative, transparent environment, allowing anyone to access, modify, and enhance them. This approach not only democratizes AI technology, making it accessible to a wider range of developers and researchers, but it also fosters a culture of shared innovation. By pooling knowledge and resources, Open Source AI accelerates the pace of AI advancements, facilitating rapid progress.

However, this open approach isn't without its hurdles. The main challenges lie in maintaining security and quality. Open Source AI, while inclusive, can be more susceptible to security vulnerabilities due to its open nature. This raises concerns about the safety and reliability of AI applications developed in such environments.

LOLgorithms 😂

Good luck figuring that out AI…

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