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🗒️ Witness Generative AI Transforming CRM

Salesforce pioneers the AI-enhanced CRM landscape.

Salesforce is transforming CRM

Hello AI enthusiast,

You may have already received our invitation to register for our webinar, and we wanted to remind those who haven't yet!

Discover what really defines a successful AI product by joining our CEO and AI expert Gianluca Mauro at our FREE live webinar, "Designing Products for the ChatGPT Era," on June 28th at 6 pm CEST. Explore the right blend of cutting-edge technology and user adaptability that leads to AI product success.

In this interactive session, discuss the real-world impact of ChatGPT, its increasing popularity, improved writing proficiency, boosted user satisfaction, and how it remains underutilized in daily work.

📔 Case study: Salesforce brings generative AI to CRM

A prime example of companies integrating generative AI (GAI) into their products, Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software, is committed to enhancing the customer experience by leveraging GAI.

During its first-ever AI Day, Salesforce introduced the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, a groundbreaking AI Cloud-based solution that opens the door for third-party LLMs to join the platform. With the AI Cloud, businesses can harness the power of GAI, revolutionizing communication while maintaining data security and privacy.

Salesforce's CRM software, combined with advanced AI capabilities, streamlines workflows and maximizes productivity for clients, showcasing the incredible potential of generative AI.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Attention Mechanisms

Curious about how AI models generate coherent text that seems to "think"? The secret ingredient lies within attention mechanisms.

These remarkable mechanisms empower AI models to identify and zero in on essential elements in a text, much like how humans pay attention to intriguing words or phrases. The more sophisticated the attention mechanism deployed, the higher the quality of generated content and overall AI effectiveness.

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