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  • 👻 Unmask ChatGPT's Power This November!

👻 Unmask ChatGPT's Power This November!

New workshop – no tricks, just treats!

Hello AI Enthusiast!

Firstly, a spooktacular Halloween wish to you! 🎃 As the world dresses up in mystery, we're here to solve one for you: the enigma of ChatGPT.

Let's face it, ChatGPT can be both a blessing and a riddle. How often have you meticulously constructed a prompt, only for the AI to deliver an outcome that felt more trick than treat? We've heard the murmurs of confusion and curiosity, and that's precisely what we aim to address.

That's why on November 18th at 3.30 pm CEST, we're launching our AI Productivity Workshop. This isn't just another webinar; it's a hands-on experience. You'll produce live outputs, refine your approach through guided strategies, and engage in collaborative discussions. All this in just 3 illuminating hours! Here's what you can expect:

  • Learn to craft prompts that yield desired results, every time.

  • Discover strategies to eliminate guesswork and increase efficiency by 37% (MIT Economics).

  • Explore real-world ChatGPT applications. Whether you're drafting content, brainstorming business strategies, or simply managing daily tasks, ChatGPT can be your reliable assistant.

Our goal? Turn your regular Saturday into an epiphany-filled event, empowering you to harness ChatGPT's vast potential.

We’ll offer this wealth of knowledge at 199€. However, as this is our pilot edition, we're presenting an enticing treat: a special launch price of just 99€! It's our way of inviting feedback and ensuring we align perfectly with your learning journey.

📔 Case Study: Airbnb's AI-Infused Halloween Safety

On this spooky day of Halloween, it's not just the spirits that are alert but also Airbnb's AI. The platform has conjured an AI-driven anti-party system across the US and Canada, aiming to ghost away the threat of unauthorized gatherings.

So, what's the spell behind it? By blending AI and machine learning, the system pinpoints higher-risk booking attempts, mirroring past party-associated reservations. It evaluates myriad factors - one-night bookings, distance to the listing, and spontaneous booking patterns - to predict potential party scenarios. Risky bookings? Poof! They vanish.

With last year's implementation pushing back countless risky reservations, and with collaborations with law enforcement and an ever-watchful neighborhood support line, Airbnb's AI stands as the silent sentinel ensuring a serene Halloween for all.

That was all.

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And, if your company is looking to implement AI technologies, we also offer customized corporate training.

Start your AI journey today!

The AI Academy crew

P.S. A little heads-up for our readers: In our upcoming editions, expect a fresh twist! Alongside our regular content, we'll also be bringing you weekly AI news from around the globe.