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  • 🥤 Taste the fresh AI side of Coca-Cola

🥤 Taste the fresh AI side of Coca-Cola

Learn about its next-level vending machines

Coca-Cola's next-level vending machines

Hey AI enthusiasts,

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Moving on we’ll talk about the old-fashioned vending machines and how they’re getting smarter.

Let’s find out.

📔 Case study:

You probably already know Coca-Cola, the famous American multinational company that produces the iconic Coca-Cola beverage. But have you heard about their AI application?

Coca-Cola serves a huge amount of its drinks daily through vending machines, and the newer models, called Coca-Cola Freestyle, are super smart! You can interact with a touch-screen display to choose your favorite product and even customize it with different flavors.

But that's not all! This AI application also analyzes the location to promote drinks and flavors that are likely to be popular there. Additionally, the vending machines have a "persona" that can adjust depending on the location, making them more suitable to the environment. For example, machines in a shopping mall display a vibrant and fun attitude, while those in a gym emphasize performance, and those in a hospital appear more practical.

Vending machines are one of the many AI use cases we probably would never have thought about.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Algorithms

An algorithm is like a recipe that tells a computer what to do, step by step. It's a set of instructions that helps a computer solve a problem or complete a task.

In Coca-Cola's vending machines, AI algorithms are used to analyze data on customer preferences, sales, and location to personalize the vending machine's offerings.

For example, if the machine is in a gym, the algorithm might suggest drinks that are marketed as "performance-enhancing" or "low-calorie" to cater to the gym-goers.

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