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🤐 The Secret Weapon in Today's Job Market

Employers are seeking professionals with ChatGPT skills

Hey AI enthusiasts,

Given the success of the first release, we're excited to announce that the second edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering is right around the corner!

Kick-starting July 24th, this program aims to help you efficiently utilize ChatGPT and integrate Generative AI into your business processes.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 3 live sessions on August 3rd, 17th, and 31st at 6 pm CEST, with recordings available.

  • On-demand video and text lessons.

  • Build your AI product prototype, earn an AI Academy certificate, and add a fantastic case study to your portfolio.

  • Taught by Harvard Professor and AI expert Gianluca Mauro.

Anyone can join, regardless of technical expertise.

Businesses can also sponsor their employees. These are our guidelines.

Once enrolled, you'll get lifelong access to course materials.

A special 250€ off discount is available until July 10th at midnight CEST.

You have the option to spread your payment over three monthly installments.

As we're committed to personalizing your learning experience, we're limiting this edition to 20 participants. More than half of the spots are already gone though as we granted early access to the waiting list subscribers, so hurry up!

📔 Case study: The rising demand of ChatGPT skills

A recent Business Insider article reports that, after a review of job postings on job board sites, employers from several industries are seeking professionals with ChatGPT skills for a variety of roles.

They're searching for marketers who can rev up their marketing strategies with ChatGPT.

Product managers that can leverage ChatGPT to streamline workflows, optimize efficiency, and improve products are also being targeted.

Tech teams need AI experts, software developers, and AI-model trainers skilled in ChatGPT to create innovative and efficient systems.

Copywriters with ChatGPT skills are hot properties, creating content like a breeze.

Likewise, educators who can weave ChatGPT into their teaching are definitely in demand.

In addition, recruiters using ChatGPT insights to find talent are sought after too.

The bottom line: The rising demand for professionals familiar with generative AI, like ChatGPT, across a variety of roles signifies a shift in companies' hiring strategies. Achieving proficiency in these AI tools could be your golden ticket to new career opportunities!

That was all. Today's newsletter primarily highlighted the rapidly growing democratization of generative AI and how businesses are leveraging this technology to stay ahead of the curve, crafting superior products and services for their clients.

Are you ready to join this disruptive revolution?

Start your AI journey today!

The AI Academy crew