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😲 Seats Running Out Fast for our First ChatGPT Course

Boost your productivity-skills

Hello AI Enthusiasts,

In our last e-mail, we invited you to a free webinar, where our CEO Gianluca introduced two new exciting AI Academy courses. Thanks for making it such a huge success!

The Master in Prompt Engineering course went sold out, but don't worry - we'll have another edition soon 😉. In the meantime, you can join the waitlist.

Meanwhile, there are still 4 seats left in our ChatGPT Productivity Masterclass. This comprehensive course teaches you how to effectively use ChatGPT and integrate it into your workflow. Over two engaging live sessions, you'll gain the skills to optimize your productivity and revolutionize your work.

Hurry up and join before the special launch discount ends tomorrow at midnight CEST!

📔 Case study: Genies Boosts Productivity with ChatGPT

Let's explore how companies like Genies, a cutting-edge avatar technology provider, are already integrating ChatGPT into their workflows.

Genies CEO, Akash Nigam, invested in ChatGPT Plus accounts for all 120 employees, aiming to boost productivity and potentially reduce hiring costs.

The company has already witnessed improved efficiency and output from automating tasks and accelerating processes. As a result, Nigam plans to include ChatGPT usage in performance reviews next year, further emphasizing the tool's importance in the company's growth.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Transformer Architecture

The most important technology behind ChatGPT is Transformer Architecture. It revolutionized natural language processing with its ability to capture word relationships and context using self-attention. ChatGPT generates coherent responses by understanding input context, thanks to the transformer.

Additionally, pre-training on large text datasets and fine-tuning on specific tasks empower ChatGPT to learn language patterns and adapt to conversational contexts. This combination of transformer architecture and pre-training/fine-tuning methodology makes ChatGPT a powerful and effective conversational AI system.

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