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👁️‍🗨️ Revolutionizing Inventory Management with AI

Walmart's Intelligent Retail Lab

Hey AI enthusiasts,

Can cameras and machines recognize a specific object or living being? and how can we use this technology?

Let’s dive in.

📔 Case study: Walmart

Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets, started to apply AI to its physical store.

They opened a store in New York that uses artificial intelligence to monitor inventory levels. It's called the Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL) and it allows Walmart to test out the technology in a real-world environment.

The IRL store has a suite of cameras mounted in the ceiling and they monitor inventory levels. This means they can detect whether staff needs to bring out more meat from the back-room refrigerators to restock the shelves or if some fresh items have been sitting too long on the shelf and need to be pulled. The AI helps store associates know more precisely where and when to restock products.

The cameras and other sensors in the store pump out 1.6 terabytes of data per second, which is equivalent to three years’ worth of music. That's why there's a big data center on-site. The data is only stored for less than a week though.

Walmart pointed out that AI isn’t replacing jobs but frees up staff to interact with customers.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Object tracking

Object tracking is about following the movement of objects within a video sequence. It's like watching a game of soccer and keeping an eye on a specific player as they move around the field.

Object tracking involves using different techniques to identify and follow specific objects within a video, like products in a supermarket.

By tracking objects within a video, we can gather more information about how they move and interact with their surroundings, which can also be useful for applications such as video surveillance or sports analysis.

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