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On Monday, Apple unveiled its latest developments at WWDC 2024, introducing some AI features. From an upgraded Siri (finally!) to advanced photo editing and custom AI image creation, there's a lot on the table, making this a pivotal moment for Apple's ecosystem. We've split our analysis into three parts to cover everything in detail.

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The Big Picture 🔊

Apple’s WWDC 2024 Highlights

Apple unveiled its latest AI developments at WWDC 2024, introducing Apple Intelligence and a revamped Siri with generative AI features. Key updates include ChatGPT integration in Siri, AI-powered photo editing, and the ability to create custom AI images in iOS 18. Only newer devices, like the iPhone 15 Pro and M1-chip Macs, will fully support these AI features. Since there’s a lot to talk about this time we have split our take in three.

💡Our Take on the AI features: Most of Apple's new AI features at WWDC 2024 aren't groundbreaking, often echoing what's already available on other platforms. Their real strategy lies in democratizing AI, pushing adoption through their ecosystem under the clever marketing of "AI for the rest of us." The brilliant naming of “Apple Intelligence” (AI) is another smart branding move. By limiting full AI functionality to the latest iPhones, Apple finally distinguishes its newest models from the previous ones.

💡 Our take on the Tech side: Apple Intelligence features generative models integrated into their software, including a ~3 billion parameter on-device model and a larger server-based model, which are fine-tuned for tasks like writing, summarizing, and creating images. Trained on licensed and public data, these models adapt dynamically using adapters, ensuring efficient AI performance across multiple applications. Performance evaluations are unique as Apple used human evaluation to benchmark their models, focusing on user experience rather than traditional metrics like math or logic.

💡 Our take on Privacy: Privacy has always been Apple’s pièce de résistance: on-device computations keep your data on your phone or Mac, preventing it from being sent elsewhere for processing. This ensures Apple’s AI doesn’t use your personal data for training. For tasks requiring more power, cloud servers handle the data without storing it. However, this limits AI's learning capability, making ChatGPT integration crucial for complex queries. This partnership also boosts OpenAI’s presence on both Windows and Apple’s systems.

Vulnerability in Windows' Recall AI Tool

Microsoft's new Recall AI tool, which takes a screenshot every five seconds, stores these images in an unencrypted database. Cybersecurity experts say this makes the data easy to steal, and an ethical hacker has even built a tool called TotalRecall to demonstrate the risk.

💡Our Take: Many companies depend on Microsoft as their primary software provider and trust its security, so it's crucial they fix this issue before the official release. Connecting AI to your ecosystem introduces significant risks, making data vulnerable and underscoring the critical importance of privacy and security. Will Apple be able to avoid these kinds of pitfalls?

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