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⚖️ NYT, OpenAI and Microsoft in Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Plus, Apple's news deal and photos protection

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Speaking of the latest projects, our brand-new podcast episode is out! In this interview, Helin, our partnership lead, sits down with the Director of Digitalization and Innovation at TÜV Nord, a 10k+ people German company specialized in the validation of the safety of products and services of all kinds to protect humans, material assets, and the environment against hazard. They delve into where AI stands in the digitalization journey and the workflow of a company that was founded in 1869. Today they even have an AI Lab as a sign of their dedication to innovate.

We think this chat will ignite your imagination about the possibilities AI holds for your companies.

As much as we wish AI took a holiday break, it didn’t! So we've got lots of fresh AI news for you to check out. From groundbreaking lawsuits to initiatives against deepfakes.

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This week’s glossary 📖

  1. Copyright Infringement: This refers to the unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

  2. AI Patent Rights: Legal rights related to the invention and patenting processes in AI.

  3. AI-Powered Voice Assistant: AI technology that enables voice-controlled assistance in various applications.

  4. Wearable AI: AI technology integrated into wearable devices.

Educational Pill 💊

As AI evolves, the training of these systems, especially regarding copyrighted content, is in the spotlight.

AI models like ChatGPT are trained using large datasets, which often encompass a diverse range of internet-sourced material, including copyrighted texts and media. This process, crucial for developing the model's understanding and response capabilities, is at the heart of the legal debate exemplified by The New York Times' lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft.

Future trends may lean towards greater transparency and respect for copyright laws, as seen in Apple's approach, signaling a potential shift in how AI models are responsibly trained.

LOLgorithms 😂

If only scoring a $1 car deal was always this easy…

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