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Moderna and OpenAI Transform Drug Development

Plus, FT's partnership with OpenAI and the Spread of Deepfakes

Hello AI Enthusiast,

This weeks main news comes from Moderna and OpenAI's partnership to integrate ChatGPT across its operations to speed things up and push forward the development of new therapeutic products.

When we came across this news, we were sooo excited about this because it's what we've been encouraging companies to do for over a year now.

As Brad Miller, Moderna's Chief Information Officer, puts it:

90% of companies want to do GenAI, but only 10% of them are successful, and the reason they fail is because they havent built the mechanisms of actually transforming the workforce to adopt new technology and new capabilities.

This statement is music to our ears because it echoes our long-held belief that the real power of AI comes from empowering the workforce to embrace and leverage these technologies effectively.

We've been teaching this in our tailored sessions with different companies. Often, managers think just giving their teams AI tools is enough. But it's not. What really matters is making sure your team knows how to use AI to really make a difference.

Now, let's jump into the news and learn more.

The Big Picture

Moderna partners with OpenAI

Moderna, a frontrunner in mRNA medicine and famous for its COVID-19 vaccine, has teamed up with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT Enterprise to its entire workforce, improving operations in all its departments such as legal, research, manufacturing, and communications. Moderna plans to leverage this efficiency to launch up to 15 innovative products over the next five years, including vaccines and personalized cancer therapies.

Our Take: Moderna's partnership with OpenAI is a perfect example of how AI can transform not just tech, but any field, including healthcare. With 750 custom GPTs, 40% of active users creating GPTs, and an average of 120 ChatGPT conversations per week per user, they've shown that a team of a few thousand can achieve what used to take 100,000 people. By integrating ChatGPT into all areas of their business, Moderna has given enough space to its employees to create personalized GPTs for things like analyzing clinical trial data, summarizing contracts, and quickly clarifying company policies.

News providers love-hate relationship with OpenAI

The Financial Times has entered a partnership with OpenAI to integrate its journalism into ChatGPT, aiming to support news organizations and ensure content is used transparently and fairly compensated. In contrast, eight major U.S. newspapers owned by Alden Global Capital are suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, with ongoing concerns around AI-generated content and its impact on journalism.

Our Take: We believe this situation is largely about strategic negotiations rather than just copyright issues. Its clear that OpenAI needs reliable partners who can supply credible news content to enhance their models. While The Financial Times appears satisfied with its business arrangement, The New York Times and other news providers seem less pleased. Moreover, the ambiguity surrounding how copyright laws apply to AI-generated content adds a layer of uncertainty to the field.

The spread of deepfakes

Recent events show the problems caused by deepfakes. In the U.S., a high school sports director was arrested for making a fake audio of the principal saying racist things to get back at him for a money investigation. Meanwhile, in India, with elections coming up, authorities are trying to manage deepfakes after Bollywood actors reported fake videos of them supporting political parties.

Our take: These incidents emphasize the urgent need for regulations to address misinformation. With this year's upcoming elections, the potential impact on individuals and political landscapes is serious, whether you are a notorious person or not. While platforms like Meta aim to restrict political content, balancing this with freedom of speech is crucial. Deepfake detection practices should be a standard law practice.

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On the Podcast

In our latest podcast episode, we chat with Kevin Surace, the "Father" of the Virtual Assistant. Kevin shares insights from his journey in AI, from pioneering voice interfaces to advising businesses on AI strategies. Listen to the episode on Spotify or watch it on YouTube!

From the Tribe

Last week, we talked about Meta's new Meta Llama 3, their latest AI model that's integrating into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. With this upgrade, more data gathering is expected. We asked if you were worried about your privacy, and 69% of you said yes. Remember to think carefully before sharing personal information with these platforms if privacy is important to you.

Speaking of AI integrations on Tuesday, we were joined by Alessandro De Salve, a former student, for a webinar. He showed off the AI prototype he built during our Generative AI Project Bootcamp. It was great to see how he put the project together and to hear from other participants about their ideas to make the prototype even better, showing once again how working together and sharing ideas can help improve AI projects. Heres the first slide Alessandro shared.

Following the inspiring presentation of Alessandro's AI prototype, know that our next Generative AI Project Bootcamp starts on May 13th. If you're interested in building your own AI prototype like Alessandro, this is your chance to join us.

This new edition of the bootcamp is even better. Since we teach how to build AI prototypes to people with no technical background, many projects need easy-to-use automation tools. So we've partnered with Make.com, a top platform for no-code automation. If you sign up, you'll get to join a special webinar with a Make engineer who'll teach you how to integrate your companys CRMs and databases. Plus, you'll get a few months of free access to their core plan.

Start building some incredible projects. Youll have all the support you need every step of the way.

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Anyway, even if you are not building an AI prototype with us, remember to test it on random dataset.

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