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🛠️ Master prompting techniques and design your prototype

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Hello AI Enthusiasts,

Last week brought the kick-off of our 3rd edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering. Over half of the course vacancies have been snapped up by our waiting list subscribers, who were granted exclusive early access.

But don’t worry - we’ve still got room for you if you want to join. And the best part? Early bird discounted tickets are still up for grabs. So, hurry up and save your spot!

What do people like about the program? Here's what our alumni love the most:

  • Our ‘hands-on’ and ‘interactive’ learning experience! This isn't just a course, it’s a collaborative adventure.

  • They were inspired by the passion and clear explanations of AI expert Gianluca Mauro.

  • Become part of our inclusive Discord Community - a warm and inviting space where students exchange ideas and engage actively.

  • The access to high-quality learning materials that are insightful and practice-enhancing.

Interested? We hope so!

📔 Case studies: Witness the Magic Created By Past Learners

This time we’re not highlighting a company’s AI use case but the past student’s projects!

Take a glimpse at some of the fascinating prototypes our previous participants have created:

  • Engaging AI-generated marketing copy 🧲

  • Responsive customer support automation system 🏢

  • High-engagement AI-powered newsletters 💌

  • Minutes-from-long-meetings drafting automation 📝

  • Personal physiotherapy assistant for effective home treatments! 🏋️

These represent just a fraction of the innovative and impactful projects that we've had the privilege to witness throughout the course.

Eager to add your own unique project to this list? Join our Master in Prompt Engineering and let's focus on honing a skill that keeps increasing in demand across all industries.

Don't forget - early bird registrations are still open. So hurry, grab your ticket, and get ready to craft some AI magic!

🤖 This week in AI

  • OpenAI has introduced DALL·E 3, an improved version of its image-generating AI system. DALL·E 3 can create more accurate and detailed images based on specific prompts, and it is designed to decline requests for violent or hateful content. Also: it’s integrated into ChatGPT!

  • Google has launched an update to their conversational AI system, Bard, which integrates with Google apps and services for more helpful responses. The update also includes features like double-checking answers using Google search and collaborating on documents and conversations.

  • OpenAI has published its Risk Reduction Strategy (RSP) which outlines the framework for addressing catastrophic risks associated with AI models. The RSP includes an AI Safety Levels (ASL) system that defines safety measures and standards to mitigate risks while incentivizing safety progress.

  • Director Gareth Edwards experimented with AI-generated music for the soundtrack of his movie but ultimately chose renowned composer Hans Zimmer. The AI-generated track was deemed only a 7 out of 10 “but the reason you go into Hans Zimmer is for 10 out of 10,” says Gareth Edwards emphasizing the importance of human creativity and taste in art.

  • Anthropic has partnered with Boston Consulting Group to bring its AI assistant, Claude, to more enterprises. BCG will use Claude to synthesize research, analyze data, and provide insights to clients, aiming to set a new standard for responsible enterprise AI.

  • Researchers at DeepMind have developed AlphaMissense, a powerful tool that predicts the harmfulness of certain genetic variants in the human genome. By using a combination of structural analysis and evolutionary information, this model achieves impressive accuracy.

  • The European Union plans to expand access to its high-performance computing supercomputers for AI startups to train their models. However, startups will need to comply with the EU's AI governance program, which includes regulations outlined in the AI Act.

  • The UK government is launching a pilot scheme that will allow businesses to demonstrate their compliance with regulatory standards for AI and digital innovations. The scheme aims to provide tailored support and streamline the process for businesses to bring their innovations to market quickly and responsibly.

  • A group of artists using generative AI tools have penned an open letter advocating for a more inclusive and informed discussion around AI in the arts. They argue that generative AI tools empower artists, allow for new transformative works, and urge lawmakers to consider their perspective in shaping the development and regulation of AI.

  • Microsoft's GitHub repository had a misconfigured link that granted unauthorized access to private data, including personal computer backups of Microsoft employees. The account contained sensitive information such as passwords, secret keys, and internal messages.

That was all.

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