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  • 👗 The Intersection of AI and Fashion

👗 The Intersection of AI and Fashion

A closer look at Burberry's AI tactics

Hey AI enthusiast,

This week, we are discussing how the fashion industry is tapping into artificial intelligence to meet its goals. Specifically, we look closer at Burberry, a British luxury fashion house, and how they use AI to gain more loyal customers.

Burberry knew its customers didn't mind sharing their info in exchange for a pleasant shopping experience. That’s why they started using loyalty programs to get more personal data from their users to offer tailored suggestions online and in-store.

Offline sales assistants are hooked up with tablets that know your preferences and what you've bought before so they can offer more personalized recommendations.

Besides the products in the stores have RFID tags that talk to the clients’ mobiles to give them tips about what to style with what.

This move has gotten Burberry a 50% increase in repeat customers!

This is a prime example of how data scientists and industry experts join forces to create AI products that produce tangible results. Each category of professionals alone wouldn't be able to accomplish this feat.

That's why we at AI Academy emphasize the significance of grasping AI's fundamental concepts, even if it doesn't involve learning to code.

📚 AI Academy spotlight

In our AI Career Compass course, instructor Léonard Van Rompaey introduces you to the Life Design method, a framework developed by the Stanford Design School to help you design a career and life that aligns with your passions, interests, and values.

We start with taking an inventory of your skills and strengths recognizing what you're good at, and figuring out where you need to grow. This way, you can create a career path in AI that aligns with your skills and interests.

The method helps you come up with ideas for AI-related jobs you never even knew existed, and it gives you a roadmap to turn your career dreams into a reality.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Big Data

Big data refers to vast sets of unstructured or structured data that companies gather from tons of sources like social media platforms, online transactions, and customer behavior. Companies use advanced techniques to sift through all that info and find hidden patterns that you wouldn't spot just by looking.

AI, especially Machine Learning, uses big data to train models, get smarter and make better decisions.

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