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💆‍♂️ Intel Solving AI's Biggest Business Challenge?

Plus Google’s ‘Robot Constitution’, Microsoft’s new Copilot Key and more

Hello AI Enthusiast,

A noteworthy AI story that's been evolving is the ongoing lawsuit between The New York Times and OpenAI & Microsoft. Just last week, our founder Gianluca Mauro shared his thoughts on what the NYT is after and his take on the whole situation.

OpenAI has recently answered back to the lawsuit concerning content regurgitation from its language models clarifying their intentions and point of view. The outcome could really shake things up in the AI industry. More on that in the News Bytes below. 👇

On a brighter note, we're happy to say that our fourth edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering course has just started! This week we had our usual networking event to welcome all the new students. It's amazing to see people from different places and jobs come together, all excited about tech. What's cool is that a lot of them are new parents, showing that you're never too busy to invest in personal growth and education.

Here’s a snapshot of the event:

One of the students made a great comment:

“I thought I was going to meet a bunch of tech nerds, but instead everyone was so different and interesting.”

That's exactly what our community is all about – diverse, welcoming, and with a common passion for AI.

We're planning the fifth edition of the course. If you want in, join the waitlist to get early access and a nice discount.

Now, let's dive into the latest and most exciting AI news.

News Bytes 🗞️

This week’s glossary 📖

  1. Deep Learning Models: Advanced AI algorithms that mimic human brain neural networks to process vast data sets,

Educational Pill 💊

The Rising Ethical Repercussions in AI

The AI industry is grappling with complex challenges around the use of copyrighted and personal data.

Copyrighted Data: With AI, like those developed by OpenAI, relying heavily on vast data, the source of this data is a hot topic. When AI models use content from the internet, they often tread a fine line between fair use and copyright infringement. This is evident in recent legal actions, such as the lawsuit by non-fiction authors. The core issue here is using copyrighted material without permission, which raises questions about the need for transparent data-sourcing practices.

Data Privacy: As AI needs more personal data, keeping this info private is a big concern. Companies need to be really careful with this data, especially when there are cases of AI accidentally sharing or misusing private details. That's why solutions like Intel's new Articul8 can come in handy. They're focusing on using AI in a way that keeps sensitive data inside a company’s own walls, which helps keep our info safe and follows the law.

Balancing innovation with ethical considerations and legal compliance is crucial for the responsible growth of AI technologies.

LOLgorithms 😂

Being conservative must be a state of mind.

From our community 🤝

That’s the spirit to start the Master! 🦾

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Remember, if your company is looking to implement AI technologies, we also offer customized corporate training.

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