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  • 🎾 Innovative AI Commentary on the Wimbledon’s Court

🎾 Innovative AI Commentary on the Wimbledon’s Court

Game, set, and chatbot

AI and Wimbledon

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📔 Case study: Wimbledon Enhances Viewer Experience

The recently concluded Wimbledon 2023 took a remarkable technological leap by integrating AI into its match coverage it couldn't be a better time to discuss this innovative step.

Wimbledon rises to the digital age with its premiere of AI-powered commentary. Thanks to a partnership with IBM, AI-generated audio commentary and captions will now enhance online highlights videos, available through the Wimbledon app and website.

IBM's watsonx AI platform promises AI-driven analysis of players' performance and potential paths to victory. This service demonstrates a major step towards implementing AI commentary in full sports matches.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Data Collection and Processing

In essence, AI systems like IBM's WatsonX leverage a crucial process known as Data Collection and Processing to make strategic decisions. Similar to how human cognition operates, AI first collects raw data from varied sources - encompassing players’ movements, ball positions, shot types, and more in the context of a tennis match.

Following this, the AI system processes and interprets this cache of data, analyzing patterns and offering valuable insights such as a player's probable performance or anticipation of the game's outcomes. This fundamental yet dynamic process of AI not only fuels the AI-based tennis commentary at Wimbledon but is pivotal across a spectrum of AI applications.

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