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  • The Guardian exclusive: Tackling gender bias in AI with our Founder

The Guardian exclusive: Tackling gender bias in AI with our Founder

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Hey AI enthusiasts!

We just wanted to share some pretty big news with you.

Our founder, Gianluca Mauro, led an investigation on AI gender bias for The Guardian. It was a 1.5 year long investigation and it’s finally out today 🗞️

Gianluca discovered that content moderation AI algorithms sold by Big Tech companies objectify women’s bodies. These algorithms are also used by social media platforms too, and as a result billions of posts have been suppressed, hurting women, female-led businesses and further amplifying societal disparities.

If you care about the ethical implications of these technologies, you've got to check this article out. It's a real eye-opener.

Here's the link to the article: link

If you want to hear some behind-the-scenes stories, Gianluca shot a video too that you can watch here: link

We think it's going to start some great conversations and inspire some positive change.

As AI gets broadly deployed it becomes more and more important to talk about ethical implications and how to prevent biased outcomes, which is what we aim to achieve through our Build Ethical AI course.

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Let’s spark the conversation!

The AI Academy crew