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💻 Freshworks Accelerates Coding with AI

AI is streamlining software development

Hello AI Enthusiast,

Our 3rd edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering hit capacity and trust us when we say, we couldn't be happier. A heartfelt thanks to all who expressed interest and a warm welcome to those who booked their seat!

We recently had an excellent networking session with our new students. Led by Gianluca, our AI instructor, the session was filled with bubbling enthusiasm and an impressive display of curiosity about Generative AI. Trust us, the stage is set for a truly exciting journey.

Did you miss securing your spot? No worries at all! We've put together a waitlist for the 4th edition of our program. This allows you to dive into the world of AI as soon as a spot opens! Plus, you'll receive early access and an exclusive price offer! ğŸŽ

Up for the wait? Sign up through here.

📔 Case Study: Freshworks Reduces Coding Time Significantly through ChatGPT

The realm of coding and software development gets a fresh lease of life from AI. Freshworks, a leading software company, stands as testimony to this fact.

Traditionally, coders at Freshworks would spend up to 10 laborious weeks crafting intricate software applications. Things changed dramatically with the introduction of ChatGPT into their workflow. Not only can ChatGPT generate human language, but it also adeptly produces code in multiple widely-used programming languages, such as C++, Python, and Javascript.

But that's not all. This AI powerhouse also tutors coders, offering detailed explanations of how the created code operates. Moreover, it can debug code (created by itself or others), efficiently identifying and rectifying anomalies when things don't go as planned. As a result, Freshworks has witnessed a drastic reduction in coding time, from 10 weeks down to less than a week.

🤖 This week in AI

  • Adobe has unveiled the Firefly Image 2 model, a new generative AI tool that generates high-quality images with improved details and vibrant colors.

  • Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Oxford have developed an AI tool called EVEscape that can accurately predict how a virus will evolve into new variants.

  • Google Cloud has developed a new search tool that allows doctors to easily access information from various sources such as clinical notes and electronic health records. This tool aims to save time and energy for healthcare workers, making it easier for them to find specific patient information.

  • AI industry offers the highest average salary for university graduates in China, followed by blockchain, according to a report by Liepin. Jobs related to IT, the internet, and video gaming remain the most popular choices for graduates.

  • Dropbox is launching an AI-powered universal search feature called Dash and expanding its AI capabilities to cover all user files, allowing for questions and summarized responses.

  • Character.AI has introduced a new feature called Character Group Chat, where users can create group chats with their favorite AI characters or a mix of humans and AI companions.

  • Adobe has introduced a new symbol, "Content Credentials," to indicate AI-generated or altered media and promote transparency. The symbol includes metadata about the content's origin and creation tools.

  • Voice AI company ElevenLabs has launched an AI Dubbing tool that translates speech into different languages while maintaining the original speaker's voice. It supports over 20 languages.

  • Air Street Capital has released its 6th annual State of AI report today. The report covers trends in research, industry adoption, politics, and safety of AI. The report provides insights into the current state of AI research, hardware, user behavior, talent, regulation, and venture interest.

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