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  • 🦉 Duolingo is revolutionizing language learning with AI.

🦉 Duolingo is revolutionizing language learning with AI.

Few spots left to join our Master and bring AI into your company

Hello AI enthusiast,

Last week, we shared news about the kickoff of our 3rd edition of the Master in Prompt Engineering. We are happy to see that the demand has been high, and now only a few spots are left in the program!

This is your chance to be a part of our program and gain valuable skills that can propel your career forward, whatever your industry. The early bird discounted tickets are still available, but you'll need to act fast to secure your spot.

Embark on a collaborative adventure, experience a hands-on and interactive learning environment, and get inspired by fellow AI enthusiasts from all over the world.

Companies are already improving their products and services by leveraging Generative AI. Will you be the next to implement this technology in your company?

📔 Case study: Duolingo Enhances Language Learning

Duolingo, a leading educational technology company, partnered with OpenAI to incorporate GPT-4 into its language learning platform, Duolingo Max.

Leveraging AI has been a longstanding practice for Duolingo, aiming to create a personalized virtual language tutor. With GPT-4, Duolingo introduced new features such as role-playing and Explain My Answer. Users now interact with AI-powered personas, like conversing with an AI barista in a Parisian café, and receive detailed explanations for correct or incorrect answers.

Duolingo is just one example of the numerous companies that have refined the prompts and implemented AI algorithms to ensure user engagement and enhanced experiences.

🤖 This week in AI

  • Spotify is using OpenAI's voice generation tech to pilot Voice Translation in podcasts, maintaining the speaker's style while translating episodes into different languages.

  • Meta introduced new AI experiences that enhance connection and creativity. Users can now generate customized stickers, transform images with new features like Restyle and Backdrop, and interact with Meta AI, a personalized assistant available on messaging platforms and smart glasses.

  • YouTube has introduced AI-powered tools for creators, including Dream Screen, which lets users add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their videos. They have also added tools for brainstorming, drafting outlines, searching for music, and dubbing videos in different languages.

  • The CIA is launching an AI-powered tool similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT to help analysts have better access to open-source intelligence. The tool will be used across the US intelligence community, allowing analysts to ask questions and receive answers from the AI program.

  • SAP is integrating its AI tool, Joule, into its cloud enterprise portfolio, offering proactive and contextual insights across their solutions, enabling employees to ask questions in plain language and receive answers from extensive business data.

  • WHOOP, a wearable fitness tech company, now has an AI-powered feature called WHOOP Coach. It gives personalized health and fitness tips based on biometric data, like sleep, workouts, and nutrition, using OpenAI's generative AI.

  • NASA's Perseverance rover is using AI to train its robotic arm to identify and analyze rock and landscape features on Mars. This AI system could eventually help in the search for signs of life on other planets.

  • French AI startup Mistral has released its Mistral 7B model, a high-performing language model that is free to use without restrictions. The model aims to support the open generative AI community.

  • Kneron, a semiconductor startup, has raised an additional $49 million in funding to support the commercialization of its AI chips. The company aims to challenge Nvidia's dominance by designing chips that enable on-device AI, particularly for autonomous driving.

  • OpenAI is facing yet another lawsuit, this time from notable authors and the Authors Guild, accusing the company of copyright infringement. The plaintiffs claim that OpenAI used their books to train its language models without permission or compensation.

  • AI-generated naked images of young girls in Almendralejo, Spain, have been circulating on social media, involving the use of fully clothed photos and an app that creates nude images.

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