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  • 🤖 Countdown to AI Video as a Commodity Has Begun

🤖 Countdown to AI Video as a Commodity Has Begun

Plus, Apple won't pay OpenAI, and Microsoft’s Study on AI Adoption at Work

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OpenAI opened Pandora’s box with Sora a few months ago, just like it did with ChatGPT. Gradually, more companies are jumping on the AI video generation bandwagon, ranging from well-made to less polished videos. This means we’re likely to see rapid improvements and wider adoption, making AI-generated videos a common thing sooner than we think. But that’s not the only news we discuss today.

Another news we examine is a recent study from Microsoft and LinkedIn. It highlights the crucial need for professionals to develop AI skills to stay competitive. Our GenAI Project Bootcamp is designed to equip you with those essential skills. Starting on July 8th and running for 2 months, this program will help you master prompt engineering and build AI automations for your company’s projects. But be aware that you only have two days to join the waitlist and secure your spot at a discounted price.

And now, the news headlines for this week!

The Big Picture 🔊

Advancements in Video Generation

AI-driven video generation is making significant progress. Runway's new Gen-3 Alpha model generates video clips from text descriptions and images with faster times, improved fidelity, and better control over elements. This follows Luma's recent reveal of Dream Machine, renowned for animating memes. Meanwhile, Google DeepMind's V2A technology creates synchronized soundtracks from video descriptions, though it’s not yet public.

💡Our Take: Like OpenAI with Sora, both Runway and DeepMind have been vague about the data sources used to train their models. They are moving quickly, using free web data as the simplest solution amidst unclear regulations. This rapid development is set to significantly change the film industry in the medium term. Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher predicts widespread use of this technology in short clips, reducing the need for costly shoots and CGI. Beyond filmmaking, we believe advertising will be one of the most impacted sectors in the short run, enabling ad agencies to produce high-quality video ads at a fraction of the cost, thereby raising industry standards.

Apple Integrates ChatGPT with No Payment to OpenAI

At last week’s WWDC, Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18. A following report revealed that there was no monetary exchange between the companies, valuing exposure over payment. Looking ahead, Apple aims to develop revenue-sharing deals with AI companies, earning a share from AI-generated results on its platforms.

💡Our Take: OpenAI likely considered that if they didn't partner with Apple, another company would. Even without a financial exchange, this collaboration can be seen as a win-win solution. OpenAI gains visibility, attracts new users, gathers additional training data, and moves closer to its goal of mass adoption. Meanwhile, Apple integrates advanced AI into its ecosystem, offloading the heavy work of handling complex user requests and avoiding responsibility for potential errors. Gianluca discusses this in a TikTok video.


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AI’s Pivotal Role in 2024 Workplaces

A Microsoft and LinkedIn study reveals that 2024 marks a pivotal year for AI. As AI is integrated into daily work, companies that leverage its potential will outpace competitors, but leaders need to balance immediate ROI with strategic, ethical implementation. The study also highlights a shift in the job market, with AI skills becoming as crucial as experience, encouraging employees to upskill for future roles.

💡 Our take: The data from the report show that what we are doing at AI Academy can actually make a difference for companies and professionals. It says that 78% of knowledge workers using AI tools daily are bringing their own AI tools, proving companies aren’t providing enough resources for professionals who want to improve their performance. This is reinforced by 79% of leaders who believe AI adoption is crucial for staying competitive, despite 60% lacking a clear AI strategy, so managers are basically figuring it out on their own. Our experience shows that corporations need guidance for AI adoption, and our corporate offerings provide just that.

Another key finding is that leaders prioritize candidates with AI proficiency, with 66% refusing to hire those without it, and 71% preferring less experienced candidates who can effectively use AI tools. Our program aims to equip you with the AI skills needed to build impactful projects and automations for your company or clients.

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Bits and Bobs 🗞️

Tribal News 🫂

So far, we have received tens of projects from the students of our GenAI Project Bootcamp, and we thought they are so cool that they're worth sharing. We started by sharing a short description of a few of them. Click here or on the image below and scroll down to the section "WHAT OUR ALUMNI BUILT DURING THE COURSE" to get a look at what has been built and what you could potentially build too.

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