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🗑️ AI’s Pioneering Role in Tackling Global Waste

AI is reshaping the future of waste management

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📔 Case study: Greyparrot's AI for Waste Sorting

Mountains of solid waste are a global issue, with 2.24 billion tonnes produced in 2020 and an expected rise to 3.88 billion tonnes by 2050. In direct response to this exigency, Greyparrot, a UK start-up, has innovatively used AI to analyze and help in waste processing and recycling.

Implementing cameras above conveyor belts at over 50 waste and recycling sites in Europe, Greyparrot's AI real-time software analyses what passes through. Despite initial struggles to train the AI system to recognize waste due to varying conditions, the system now tracks 32 billion waste objects annually, creating a comprehensive digital map of waste.

This detailed knowledge not only allows waste managers to be more operationally efficient but also provides valuable data to help shape regulations and influence packaging design.

🧱 Foundational concepts: Resource Utilization

Just like how Greyparrot's AI system interprets different waste materials, AI, in general, needs an effective method to process and analyze various inputs. This Resource Utilization process is where AI's understanding of different variables and inputs is developed and honed.

Different aspects of resources are taken into account, allowing the AI model to analyze and draw valuable insights for better decision-making. This is pivotal in areas like waste management, where technology needs to effectively differentiate between various materials and determine their suitability for recycling or repurposing.

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